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About RSVP Events


RSVP Events are passionate,
dedicated & fun when it comes to
staging events. 


We work in close partnership with our clients to offer a service that sets new standards in event management, with our customers needs always at the forefront of our minds. Each event is a custom and unique experience, irrespective of its size. This is what makes us different. Now let us give your day “that personal touch”

The Events Team


Natalie Stone



There are three reasons why I love working in the events industry: Firstly, events are about bringing people together and creating powerful experiences. Amazing things happen when people meet; they learn, inspire one another, come up with new ideas and sometimes they even change the world. Not to mention being an event professional is thoroughly rewarding.

Secondly, there is so much potential for the growth in the events industry. I see it as if you have an idea, this is a field to plant it in.

And finally, being an event professional means being very, very, lucky. I know the job can get painfully stressful but otherwise we are privileged to work, visit stunning venues and meet truly inspiring people from across many fields.

I’m very grateful for having the privilege of being a Director of a company in this stimulating industry.

Loren d'Arifat - Events Director - RSVP Events

Loren D’Arifat



After receiving my degree in surface design in Cape Town, life led me to Mauritius where my passion for events evolved.

Starting RSVP Events has been the most rewarding journey and I hope to continue satisfying clients all over the world – whether it be for a wedding, corporate function or sporting event.

Seeing my client’s happy smile during an event is probably one of the main reasons for doing what I do.

Melissa Dalais



After a long competitive swimming career, and my studies in business marketing and management, I have learnt over the years that no man is an island, we need to surround ourselves with young dynamic minds, that strive to be better every day. The challenge to succeed and succeed properly is what drives me in my everyday life.

There is no achievements without sacrifice and hard work. But thank goodness when you are passionate about what you do, its more fun than just hard work.

Melissa Vincent - Marketing Director - RSVP Events

The Marketing Team


Marjorie Elysee Darga



Interested in Art since childhood I am now pursuing my dream in the Design Industry. Very passionate and meticulous, I have a feeling of freedom in my works and enjoy the creative aspect.

I am a confident designer who is self motivated and an ambitious hard worker.

Florence Lalanne Fitzgerald



I have always been passionate about interpersonal communication and socializing. I found a team that shares laugh, love, and hard work. Marketing is another way to showcase creativity and excitements.

After 3 years studying Sales and marketing and 4 years in the working world, RSVP gave me the opportunity to learn much more and improve myself.

I love reading, and watching movies and mostly, I love my dog!! 😉

Sarah François



After completing my Master’s degree in Information-Communication with a specialization in public, cultural and social communication in France, I decided to come back to Mauritius because I wanted to bring my personal touch in the communication sector here.

As soon as I arrived in Mauritius, I came across the company RSVP EVENTS and I immediately told myself that I wanted to work there. After a successful interview, I joined the team and two years later I am still here.

More than a company, we are a family that helps each other and makes the most of each other.

My motto is “Anything is possible when you have the will to succeed”

Julie Soucient



Enjoy every moment of your life to the fullest while keeping both feet firmly planted on the ground is what I’ve always been taught 🙂

Creative and passionate, I have always been fascinated by art since my very young age. After my studies in Journalism with a specialization in digital media, I developed a strong interest in digital marketing and thus chose to pursue a professional career in this field.

Digital Marketing is a whole that complements me, I am sometimes an artist, graphic designer, videographer, marketer, commercial and a little bit from here and elsewhere that perfectly summarizes my thirst to learn and grow.

RSVP Events made it possible for me to grow further in this constantly evolving field.

Bhavna Toyloco



Everything that happens, happens for a specific reason, which is usually a very good one. This mindset has helped me a lot throughout my career path.

Passionate about crafting and anything where I can use my creativity, I love adding a “splash of color” to everything I undertake!

Lots of opportunities to grow have been presented to me throughout my years at RSVP Events, for which I’m really grateful; there’s always something new to discover here!

Jessica Langlois



After graduating with a degree in creative advertising, digital design and graphic design, the time came for looking for a job. My very first choice was to go to RSVP as I have heard such amazing reviews about the company and what a lovely team they have built.

I then started working at RSVP and enjoy every bit of it. The work is fun, the girls are great, there is always good vibes flowing around.

I enjoy everything about design and always willing to learn new things and develop my skills further.

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